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team playing scavenger hunt activity wearing red

About Us

We organise scavenger hunt/treasure hunt events in locations across Ireland. The challenge will involve discovering a list of clues/tasks and taking photo evidence to prove it. Whether you and your team are in a small town, bustling city or spread across Ireland, we have a cost effective event for you!


Since 2021, over 15,000 people of all ages participated in our Scavenger Hunting events across the Ireland and the UK.




Complete as many photo evidence clues/tasks as you can during the event to be in with a chance of winning prizes!

Our photo clues/tasks range from easy-to-hard, but are suitable for all ages. Easily share your photos with us in real time (details provided upon registration) for a super enjoyable experience.

scavenger hunt participant wearing purple
Man taking part in treasure hunt wearing blue

Local Landmarks

Get to know your area by visiting local landmarks and completing clues/tasks.

Complete the challenge over a specified time period. Compete against other teams taking part and provide photo evidence to win prizes.


Many thanks for the brains and humour behind this one.


Great fun and a great way to keep active over the weekend. Thanks for organising.



Great entertainment for the weekend!


Thanks for organising such a fun event, we loved doing this over the last two days.


Thanks for all the organisation. It was a great event that really generated huge enthusiasm and community spirit.


Thanks a million. They had a great time and learnt a lot about the area.


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