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How It Works

The Scavenger Hunting challenge will involve completing a list of clues/tasks during the competition hours and taking photo evidence to prove it. Complete the clues/tasks to be in with the chance of winning prizes!

Scavenger hunt/treasure hunt events can be organised in local areas for a broad range of participants - companies, sports clubs, hens/stags and community groups who are interested in getting involved in active, outdoor competitions that can be great fun for all involved.


We organise events fully from start to finish, leading to a very efficient and enjoyable experience.



Register for the event online. Once registered, you will be emailed your list of 20+ photo evidence clues/tasks at a specified time.



Walk around the event area to complete the Scavenger Hunting challenge. The event can be confined to specific areas or cities of your choosing.

This is not a race to be first. Complete as many clues/tasks as you can at any time during the competition hours.

Submit To Win

Submit your photos before the Scavenger Hunting deadline to be in with the chance of winning prizes. 

Easily share your photos with us in real time (details provided upon registration) for a super enjoyable experience. ​

Check out our terms & conditions to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable event.

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