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Hosting Scavenger Hunts for Ireland's Leading Universities & Colleges

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

September 2022 was a busy month at Scavenger Hunting Ireland as we hosted an array of student scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges for Ireland’s leading universities & colleges.

Ireland's Leading Universities

Our student team building challenges worked seamlessly with the orientation week. It gave international students the opportunity to meet new friends in a fun competitive challenge and learn a bit about their campus and local city.

We fully organised the team bonding challenges from start to finish, whilst following all GDPR requirements. The challenge was an excellent ice-breaker and team building activity amongst the students. We liaised with the universities/colleges to create a tailored scavenger hunt/treasure hunt for their needs and executed the challenge with professionalism.

Our unique student team building activity took part in areas across Dublin, Galway, Maynooth, Limerick and Cork. Over 2,000 students took part in our challenges in 2022, a great milestone for us which we hope to increase further in 2023.

We can host bespoke student scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges for you anywhere in Ireland.

If you are a company, organisation sports club or university group in need of an innovative team building event, get in contact to learn more!

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