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Team Building Activities Made Easy

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

From our years of experience, we have compiled a list of why scavenger hunts/treasure hunts are one of the easiest team building activities you can organise.

Team Building

We Organise Everything from Start to Finish

You just need to communicate plans at regular intervals. We organise registration, pre-vetting locations, allocating teams, sorting submissions, responding to queries and sharing the top photos, along with notifying you about the winners.

Fit your Schedule

We are very flexible and can work to any schedule. Maybe you want to organise an event for an afternoon, or maybe it makes more sense to run over 3 days to accommodate all participants, no problem, we can work with you to make a scavenger hunt the easiest team building activity

Fit your Location

We have created innovative challenges in all sorts of locations. Let us know your plans so we can research and visit the location, to create a fun team bonding challenge for you.

Easy Participation

From registration, notification of the challenge list and submission, we make things as easy and seamless for participants during our scavenger hunt challenge. Teams can participate in real-time by submitting photos of the discovered locations using our system. This reduces stress and leads to a very enjoyable team bonding activity.

Accessible for All

We carefully craft our team building challenges to be accessible to all. So, you don’t need to worry about accommodating all team members anymore! The challenge list will involve locations on easy to follow public paths and is the perfect team building activity

Save Time & Hassle

Save time and minimise your workload. You can focus on other tasks, while we create a bespoke scavenger hunt/treasure hunt.

We can host bespoke corporate scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges for you anywhere in Ireland.

If you are a company, organisation sports club or university group in need of an innovative team building event, get in contact to learn more!

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