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Why Scavenger Hunts are the Best Team Building Activity

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Learn the reasons why Scavenger Hunts are the best corporate team building activity you can do for your company or organisation.

Best Team Building Activity

Discover Locations

By completing this scavenger hunt/treasure hunt, you will locate some quirky and interesting locations you may never have paid attention to previously.

Small Groups

Our scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges take place in groups of 4-6. Small and agile enough for corporate groups to work together to complete the scavenger hunt/treasure hunt, while not being too big that participants feel lost amongst the crowd.

Mental & Physical Activity

This team building activity promotes positive mental & physical health, by getting participants out of the company office and walking for approximately 90mins around the chosen town/city.

Accessible for All

We carefully craft our scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges to be accessible to all. The challenge list will involve locations on easy to follow public paths and is therefore the perfect corporate team building activity. Teams are free to complete as many or as little challenges as they choose to.

Thrill of the Chase

This a fun competitive team bonding activity. Teams will receive the challenge list and compete against others to get the most completed. Some tasks are easy, while others are a bit more cryptic and provide a bit of a challenge. Due to the random nature of some tasks and time challenges, all teams have an equal chance of winning!

Fully Customisable

Maybe you want to start or finish the scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenge from a certain location and time. Maybe you want certain tasks to be included that align with your unique company's brand. We are totally flexible and can work with you on all requests to create a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Get Amazing Team Photos

To participate, each team will need to take selfies at a location's discovery. This will result in many great photos from each team, with the best ones shared with you post event. These photos are perfect for internal newsletters or your company's social media!

We can host bespoke corporate scavenger hunt/treasure hunt challenges for you anywhere in Ireland.

If you are a company, organisation, sports club or university in need of an innovative team building event, get in contact to learn more!

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